Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Off to wonderland! Team Two days slow

Hello and welcome to the Off the map blog for team two days slow. We are a team of 6 consiting of Max Bostock, Michael Ollerton, Lewis Jones, Joel Phelps, Beth Cox and Joshua McGahan. we will be entering the off the map Alice in wonderland competition. The name of our team comes from a quote of the mad hatter about the rabbit's watch and our logo is actually a quick illustration one of our team mates, Joel did while describing how our cheshire cat mechanic could work. 

My name is Michael and I plan to be one of the character artist on this project, and I'm going to talk a little bit about the brief and our plans and ideas. Firstly the brief is to create something in either 3D, 2D or Interactive Text, based on lewis carroll's Alices adventure in wonderland. The work needs to be anchored in the collections of the british library and to be either based off Oxford, Underground or Gardens. As a team we have decided to make our game a 3D side scroller to the theme of gardens, our reasoning behind this is that we plan to tell the whole original story of Alice in wonderland from start to end, as we feel this is only appropriated for the 150 year anniversary of Alice, this is a big job and the side scroller medium lends it's self well to storytelling. Another reason why we feel that the side scroller medium is the best choice is because it is accessible, if we managed to win it could mean that we could put it on iPads and iPhones so anyone can play it, which we assume would be beneficial for the British library. 

This is only the first day and we are still throwing around a lot of ideas but one that we find very exciting is the idea that the beginning of the game resembles the original illustrations by john tenniel and then as we progress into wonderland more colour will be added until it is eventually our own art style.

The next idea that we are thinking of going for is to recreate the original composition of john tenneil's illustration as you play and progress through the game, most likely the scenes with the mad hatter, the cheesier cat and the caterpillar. 

We have set ourselves the homework of rereading the Alice in wonderland book and then come back tomorrow with any ideas. We are all very excited about getting to contribute to 150 year anniversary of Alice in wonderland, and can't wait for you to see the art we create.



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